Victorinox Fibrox Pastry Knife 26cm


Fibrox is the line of professional knives that we created to bring the efficiency of the restaurant kitchen to your home. We’ve fitted our Fibrox Pastry Knife with a comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handle to achieve high marks in versatility, length and ease of cutting. For cutting cakes, pastries and bread, the knife has also been given an innovative curve to aid your cutting stroke and an ultra-sharp wavy edge that deals a cleaner cut to the crust – all without compromising the lightness of the bread beneath it. In addition, the blade can be used like a spatula for icing and slicing cakes. – Perfect for cutting all kinds of pastries, cakes and bread – Swiss made pastry knife with wavy edge – With an ultrasharp edge and non-slip, ergonomic handle

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