Monocular Laser Range Finder – Bushnell 10×25



The three-generation laser ranging telescope (hereinafter referred to as the ranging telescope) combines the functions of an ordinary telescope and a laser range finder to measure the distance of objects within a certain distance while observing the objects in the mirror, and the ranging time is fast ( 0.02 seconds), the distance display is intuitive, power consumption is saved, and the power is automatically turned off when not in use.

The distance measuring telescope has small laser emission power and is safe for the human eye; it can measure any object without cooperation target; it is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry; a 3V battery is used inside the machine, and it is convenient to replace and purchase new ones.

Automatically recognize the rainy day mode, even if the rain does not affect the ranging; automatically eliminate the influence of small targets such as close wires and branches.

Ranging telescopes are widely used for golf, hunting and other sports, field activities and distance measurement of electric poles. They can also be used for general topographic surveys.

Colour: Black
Model: 10X25
Product performance:
Range measurement: 4-700 meters
Ranging method: semiconductor laser ranging (no harm to the human eye)
Ranging error: ±1
Ranging display mode: LCD display in the field of view
Monocular magnification: 10 times
Effective objective lens diameter: 25mm
Membrane system: multi-layer coating
Outlet diameter: 3.8mm
Exit distance: 12mm
Focus mode: eyepiece focusing
In the field of 1000m: 122m
Ranging mode: upgrade to automatic identification of rainy days on the basis of the second generation; automatically eliminate the influence of small targets such as close-distance wire branches
Dimensions: 39X110X69mm
Type: Portable Laser Rangefinder
Weight: 233g


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