Mil-Tec Cooking pot tripod


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Cooking without complicated preparations

A tripod for a cooking pot Mil-Tec® will save you a lot of work and time preparing the place to hang the pot over the fire.You don’t have to run around the woods so long looking for a suitable fork to hang the pot on.Simply unfold the tripod and you can start cooking.The tripod is made of 100% alloy aluminium, so it offers sufficient resistance for stable and reliable pot suspension over the fire.

Adjustable system

The system is addressed with a chain and a hook, on which you simply place the handle of your cookware.You can change the height of the cauldron above the fire by the adjustable length of the chain.The tripod is foldable, so it can easily be folded into a compact dimension that saves extra valuable space in a backpack or car.You can also find a transport bag, which makes it easier to carry a tripod from one campground to another.A simple but practical tripod that saves you a lot of time preparing and set up a pot over a fire.

Benefits you need to know about:

  • resistant materials
  • chain and hook
  • adjustable chain length
  • compact dimensions
  • transportation bag
  • folding structures – easy assembly and disassembly




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