Higonokami Pocket knife 7,3 cm


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Everything about the Japanese Higo no Kami pocket knife emanates tradition. In the past everyone in Japan, including school children, used to carry a knife like this. The Higo pocket knife was used to sharpen pencils and for many other tasks.

The blade is easy to open with the ‘chikiri’ (the lever at the end of the blade). As is common for this type of knife, it doesn’t have a lock and the blade completely disappears inside the handle when closed.

Dimensions & weight

Blade Height: 1.4 cm

Blade length: 7.3 cm

Cutting edge length: 7.3 cm

Blade thickness: 2 mm

Closed length: 11 cm

Total length: 17.1 cm

Weight: 40 g


Material handle: stainless

Type of steel: Carbon steel

Hardness: 59 HRC


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