Comet 10-90 x 80 Long Range Zoom Binoculars



Classic black binoculars with a large objective lens, a prism with a central focus, variable frequency rate from 10 to 90 times.

Rubber coated, easy-to-hold body.

Through the sapphire spraying brightness at dusk increases. By simply turning the lever to change the multiplicity of the observer can change the magnification continuously. Due to the large angle of view, you can watch the vast territory. A suitable binoculars for hunting in ambush, when monitoring is carried out for many hours. In this case, the best solution is to use a tripod, which greatly enhance the ability of stabilized surveillance and improve image quality (brightness and definition).

This binocular is 10-90 (X) zoom magnification, perfect for outdoor activities.

The lens is made of fully coated optics, giving you a better view of the mountains, waterfall, and forest.

A must have for outdoor activities.

Note: Viewing at night is possible only if the object has little light around it


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