Civivi Odium C2010F Natural G10 pocket knife, Ferrum Forge design


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The Civivi Odium C2010 is a compact and light-weight pocket knife, designed by the Williamson brothers from Ferrum Forge. A practical pocket knife to carry with you on a daily basis for many different tasks. Because of its compact size it looks modest and friendly.

You quickly open this knife with the flipper or the royal thumb hole. When opened the blade is locked by a solid liner lock. As such your fingers are safe when you use this knife.

G10 handle

The handle is comprised of steel liners with G10 scales. A strong and light-weight material made from fibreglass and synthetic resin. The light texture feels great in hand and offers you enough grip.

D2 steel blade

The blade is made from D2 steel. This is a tough type of steel that retains it sharpness well. You can easily sharpen it yourself which is great if you use it on a daily basis. Do, however, be careful with moisture and acids: D2 is not completely stainless. So clean the knife after use, especially when (fruit)acids, salt or moisture came into contact with the knife.


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