Our Story

Our story begins back in April of 2020 when my dearest friend George Protopapas called me one fine morning and straightly asked my advice on how possible it is to create a revolutionary online shop that could sell quality knives. As both of us were coming from a military background and served our country in Special Forces, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to start this knife business from scratch and provide an excellent customer service and fill a gap in the Cyprus market.

After a lot of hard-working hours, days, and months the online shop came out as a success and a valuable shop for the market’s criteria. Although the business was conducted in the beginning of Covid-19, it was never a barrier to prevent us from selling, developing, and innovating. As we were going through there was a tremendous demand for collective knives and outdoor-survival equipment, so it was about time to take the next step.

On the 1st of March 2021, SURVIVETHEKNIFE LTD is being established as a Private Limited Company with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to be transformed into a leading and dominating company in the market. However, George Protopapas is stepping back from the company’s management area to continue with his own field of business in other industries and Nikolaos Agathokleous is leading as a Managing Director and has the most shares of the company. George continues in the position of “Secretary” in the company to honor his part in the initial idea conducting this business.

As customer-centric shop, our promise is to provide the greatest possible shopping experience, always be next to the customer and especially a post-sale support will be provided to all the customers.

Best Regards,
Nikolaos Agathokleous

Managing Director of SURVIVETHEKNIFE LTD

Quality is our promise!

   Quality is our priority!

      Quality is everything!


 “Everybody has their own path, yours belongs right here”